Identity & Vision

Professional Identity

I am a technologically focused designer. Ever since I was little, I have always been interested in the  technological side of products. In the past couple of years, I have been following the latest technologies, whereas lately I have been mainly focused on home technology. This is why in my design process I quickly start to think about the technological possibilities within the design. This does not mean that I limit my ideas to current technology. I like to look at the possibilities of emerging technologies and if suitable integrate them in my designs.

Besides an interest in technology hardware, I am also fascinated by software. One of my pastimes is (re-)making open-source projects and rewriting the code to make it fit my needs and making it more efficient. One of the things I like about programming is that it is essentially easy to create a working program and that usually a simpler program is a better program.

However, I have learned that going only for a technologically sound design does not work in the real world. For a design to be easily usable by a lot of people, user-friendly and user-centred design is necessary. This is why user-friendliness is another important factor in my designs. I want to make life easier instead of harder, which is only reachable through user-friendliness. A product can have all the technological parts working, but when it is not at all user-friendly, no one will want to use the product. The best technologies in design are usually the ones where we don’t notice the technology, be it a single sign-in work environment or an automated house that just works.

One of the specific point I would like to tackle is making a product that both ‘regular’ and tech-savvy consumers can enjoy; An easily understandable design with loads of advanced options.

When working on project, I usually thrive when I work in a team. While exchanging and discussing ideas, my creativity will help me look at design challenges from different angles. This way I am able to combine the concepts and make them into something that works. I am technologically capable and knowledgeable and therefor usually take the lead of the technology part in a project.


Technology can be scary, but does not have to be. Over the past few years technology has received a central place in our lives. Technological developments like artificial intelligence, that were unheard of just a couple of years ago, are being integrated into our daily lives. Some groups in our society are fearful of the new developments in technology. I think the job of us as designers is to see the positive potential in these emerging technologies and translate these in useable and unfrightening designs for end users. As a designer I believe we can use technology for the betterment of our lives. I believe technology can work for us instead of us having to work for technology. This can only be done by making well-thought-out and user friendly designs. We need to look at the challenges and possibilities and make the future that is needed by society.

My interests lie within smart home design. We live in a very busy society. We are working more than fulltime and hope to have a little rest when we get home. Unfortunately, when we get home, we still have to do a lot to be able to take a rest, which leads to more stress. That is why my vision on future living is an place that we can come home to and feel truly relaxed in. To have a house that takes care of itself and gives you the possibility to take a rest and connect to your family.

There are already products available that do basic ‘smart house’ things, but most of them are not really connected to each other in a way that the consumer can easily use them with intuitive control, or even without the need of controlling them. That’s why I don’t necessarily need to invent new technological products, but I would like to re-invent existing products.